Café & coffee shop counters

The humble coffee shop is rarely seen these days, now it is a highly-designed retail interior experience, with an individually designed coffee shop counter, where the décor is as much the flavour as the coffee itself.

Already working extensively with a large well know coffee company we have vast experience of creating numerous effects for the fronts of the coffee shop counter while keeping the working side as modular as possible.

We will work with stone, marble, granite and other hard surfaces, combining them with metal or wood to create whole unique pieces of furniture:

  • condiment pods
  • waste disposal points
  • lean to tables
  • wall paneling & wall features
  • fridge fronts
  • ceiling rafts or slatted wood ceilings.

Our vast experience of materials enables to combine many materials and to recommend the best one for your coffee shop counter / café and budget.

A range of possible finishes, counter tops and construction methods allow us to design interiors with counters and seating that are as individual as you, your venue and your budget. While still allowing for storage, till points, chiller units, washing stations and of course cup and food storage, preparation or display.

We can design, manufacture and install your coffee shop counter and café interior.

All of our coffee shop counters and features are prefabricated in our factory workshop as much as possible, we’ll even mock up the shape of your coffee shop including pillars if they need to be taken into account. This means that once we are on site an interior and counter can often be installed in just a day or two, keeping your business as operational as possible.

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