Designing your bar

When it comes to designing a bar, everyone has different tastes, but finding the look and layout that works for you is important. This is why George Thomas Joinery will spend time with you, working out what you require and how it will look, but probably more importantly how the bar will work for your everyday business.

All too often function is forgotten to aesthetics when designing a bar. The key to good bar design is having everything to hand for each bartender, this is even more important if space is limited behind the bar, the last thing you need is bartenders walking behind and into each other all the time, it only takes a few broken glasses to start eating into your profits.

Some points to remember when designing a bar;

  • For a busy bar, a dedicated till per bartender is ideal, then they aren’t waiting to type in drinks and take payment.
  • Create drink preparation stations with all the tools in one place, this includes the soda tap.
  • Consider where the sink and if required the washing station might go, include a strainer to catch the fruit, umbrellas, etc, but ideally these are away from the main area of serving drinks.
  • A rubbish collection area, you might need to allow for separation of glass here.
  • Beer taps, located so they don’t obscure the customers from the bartenders.
  • Glass storage, overhead or behind?
  • Wine bottle and sprit storage might need considering as well as the dispensing of the spirits, optics or a set location for the common spirits if poured.
  • Bar tops, wood is more forgiving that stone, but use hardwoods for longevity, while Corian is antibacterial and hygienic.
  • If you have waiters, then a dedicated service area of the bar is useful, if only for the return of dirty glasses.
  • Don’t forget the plumbing, cabling and electrics as well as lighting.

Once you have considered all of these factors, then how the bar will look comes next and that’s where George Thomas Joinery can also help, with experience of various materials, creating textures and patterns, combined with hidden lighting, are all techniques we can employ to give your bar the truly unique look.

All of our bars and counters are pre-manufactured in our workshops as much as possible, this means that once on site a bar can often be installed in just a day or two, keeping your business as operational as possible.

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