Coffee Shops & Cafés

A wide choice of materials and our knowledge of working with them enables us to bring the latest looks into your contemporary café and coffee shop design.

The interior design of a coffee shop or café adds to the customer’s impression of your brand, it’s like adding another level of flavour to your coffee. Whether it’s an individual coffee shop with a bespoke interior design or a chain of coffee shops aiming to have a similar identity, we will work with you to obtain the effect you are after.

We can help with your coffee shop design and  layout of your restaurant or café, visualising the new layouts in 3D renders that enable you to view the new interior from many angles. However, it’s not just about the look of the counters that’s important, they have to work for your staff too, space for barista machines and till points, waste disposal and allowing sufficient space for storage or fitting in fridges and hot plates is just as significant. The display of food can be an important element of your coffee shop design.

Once designed, George Thomas Joinery can manufacture the counters, pre-assembling as much as possible in their workshop. This reduces the time take to install the Coffee shop or cafe interior and helps get you open again as quickly as possible.

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